Our service offering is extensive and integrates all areas that can affect a Community, financial situation, own legal advice, maintenance, Periodics inspections, technical reports construction defects, Vendor specifications, and even insect pests, rats, etc. Below you can see a list of services offered by ADMIBURGOS for owner communities, resort, Entities and urban shopping centers.

Legalization and Constitution

Legalization and constitution (we proceed) of the community, Resort, or Urban Entity, high finance, High supply contracts, High social security, etc.

Convening and Organization of Meetings

Convening and organizing general meetings may be necessary, and at least once a year, to present the statement and allocation of expenses between owners, as well as writing and sending the minutes, including foreign addresses.

Statutes development and rulemaking

Development of statutes, development of regulations for use of common elements and internal system (if they did not exist or were insufficient).

Fast attention

Fast attention of any fault or defect that could detect any owner. We also have a mobile phone fault, in case you ever any malfunction after hours to the public.

Request for Quotes and drafting contract documents

budget request for all the community services need to hire. Writing specifications for suppliers, to compare quotes on the same parameters.

Processing for communities with their own employees

Processing of employment contracts, payroll and social security for communities with their own employees.

Claim unpaid assessed contributions by owners Debtors

Claim for all legal avenues of unpaid assessed contributions by debtors owners community, both Spanish courts and courts abroad.

Composing and Sending Messages Payment

Composing and sending payment notices to all owners who are not domiciled paying their dues.


Accounting for Income and Expenses, Reconciliation of Balances

Accounting for income and expenses generated by the community, reconciliation of balances, periodic statements, collection management of receipts, financial performance graphics, and document archiving.

Own Legal Service

ADMIBURGOS available to their communities legal claims service itself for debtors, complaints to public bodies, construction defects, in a truly favorable conditions for enterprise customers.

Legal advice

ADMIBURGOS It has hired legal counsel with "Real Property Service, S.L." (Madrid), that we provide to the communities we manage for any questions concerning the horizontal property law.

English speaking employees, German, French, Swedish and Norwegian

ADMIBURGOS in its various offices have English speaking employees, German, French, Swedish and Norwegian.

Security Systems Study

Study of passive safety systems, controlling access to public areas, cameras, infrared barriers, authentication scanners owners, wristbands, prox, electronic control systems time employees by fingerprint, etc.

Service E-mailbox

ADMIBURGOS It provides e-mail service to their communities, saving unnecessary expense, any resident is entitled to receive communications exclusively by email.

Billing Services 90 Illiquidity days / high Delinquency

If high default or lack of liquidity in the community, ADMIBURGOS to bill their services to 90 days, to allow time for the community to restore its financial situation, and not increase the problem.

Insurance Comparison Service

ADMIBURGOS It offers a comparative safety, to ensure that communities are really protected even in disasters and at the same time pay for your insurance it really worth.

If you have questions DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US

Liability policies

ADMIBURGOS have 4 liability policies, Private two two through schools administrators of estates of Murcia and Alicante, to cover any damage or negligence that may cause our performance.

25 Years of experience

ADMIBURGOSprovides 25 years of experience in the sector and company managers are managers of collegiate farms both in the school of Alicante and in Murcia.

Experts experts Defects Lawyers Specialized Construction

ADMIBURGOS offers its customers, Experts proficient in construction defects, specialized lawyers, that as long as the Community is within the warranty period the law grants by type of defect, They serve for a possible legal claim, agents, involved in the construction process, district Attorney, constructor, architects, engineers.

Real Solutions for Your Community

ADMIBURGOS You agree with you to make an honest job, transparent and effective. We do not do miracles, but with enough time we are committed to providing REAL SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR COMMUNITY.